St Gregory Nyssen and the Infinity of God

St. Gregory Nyssen on the divine nature, and perhaps relevant to the via negativa

Eclectic Orthodoxy

It seems an odd thing to say: theotes (Godhead, divinity, deity) does not refer to the divine nature ( physis ) but to the divine activity ( energeia ). It’s odd, because that’s not how we use language for most things that we know. It’s as if we were to ask a philosopher “What is a human being?” and he were to respond, “A human being is that something that grows vegetables and fruits, eats food, writes books, and watches television in the evening.” After hearing this response, we probably would reply, “I didn’t ask you what a human being does. I want to know what it/he is .” “But human beings are what they do,” the philosopher responds. And we stand there shaking our heads in perplexity. But let’s let the Nyssan explain his position in his own words:

Most people think that the word ‘Godhead’ refers to God’s…

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Author: Matthew Livermore

RS Teacher, writer, illustrator.

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